Feb 25 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced for the DS

It looks like the Nintendo DS isn’t ready to go quietly into the night just yet as Nintendo and Game Freak have announced a new Pokemon game to be released for the aging handheld. The games are titled Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 and will be out in Japan this June. No word yet on a US release date but it is confirmed to be coming to the US eventually.

I find the choice of console rather odd to be honest. One would think Nintendo would be all about getting a Pokemon title out for the 3DS to further push sales but it looks like they are more interested in the larger console base of DS owners. I wont lie I will probably buy it anyways due to me being a sucker for a good old fashion Pokemon game but it still bugs me that I have to wait even longer for a 3DS release.

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  1. G

    What I don’t get is how people still play these games…. there has got to be a quarter of a million Pokemon by now… Gotta Catch Em All….Full Time JOB!

  2. Anonymous

    pokemon is amazing, you don’t need to catch them all to enjoy the experience

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