Aug 16 2012

Planetary Annihilation – A Next Generation RTS

We have an original-ish idea, and where better to get it funded then Kickstarter. It is no surprise that original ideas are few and far between. Walk into you local GameStop, and take a look at the upcoming pre-order wall and you will see sequels of sequels on the horizon. (Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Assassins Creed 3, etc). Who am I kidding, even this game is ‘inspired’ by a game Total Annihilation. Sigh…. Regardless, it looks really good. For a small pledge of $15 (early bird special) you could get a game that promises “a truly innovative spin on what RTS games can and should be.” It is going to feature game play on a Planetary scale, and even allows you to create your own maps. Check out the video above for some planet conquering action.

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