Jan 06 2012

Photoshop Troll

Trolling the interweb, Problem?

If you have ever been to a “how to” Photoshop website and made your way to the forum you would have noticed tons of people asking for favours. “Can you put this tattoo on my back”, “can you show me how my car would look with these rims”, “can you change the background of my picture”….  its pretty annoying because the website they are on pretty much teaches them how to do it, f-ing lazy people!! What they are asking for isn’t even hard to learn. Well someone has decided to fire back and troll these people in the forums and post it on their website. www.photoshoptroll.com  It’s hilariously funny, especially when you read the responses some people post back. As well, if your in the mood for some trolling you can troll someone yourself and send it to the site and you may get featured if your good enough. I was ;)

Hit that jump for an example.



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