Jun 25 2012

Pair of Lulzsec Hackers Plead Guilty In Court

Just over a year ago Ryan Cleary was arrested by police for an attack on the CIA’s website that was done by the internet hacking group Lulzsec.  Not very long after another suspected member of the group Jake Davis was also arrested by UK police.  The two teens appeared in court today where they have pleaded guilty to Two counts of “conspiracy to do an unauthorised act or acts with intent to impair, or with recklessness as to impairing, the operation of a computer or computers.”

Both teens also admitted to being part of the Lulzsec group and that they took part in the groups DDoS attacks that targeted companies like Sony, Nintendo, NHS, News International, 20th Century Fox, and the Arizona State Police. However the teens denied allegations that they posted the unlawfully obtained data from said companies online.

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