Nov 05 2012

Battlefield 1942 Available For Free on Origin

EA has started a promotion with Battlefield 1942  which has the game being made available digitally for free from now until March 1, 2013. The only catch is that the free download of the game is only available via their origin service. So if you have any qualms about using the service at all then you are out of luck.

That being said the game is still a classic in my books and free is free. Just a shame its attached to a service I don’t like very much.

Nov 02 2012

EA Games on Sale for 60% off on GOG this Weekend

GOG has started a 60% promotion for a large selection of EA games on their service this weekend. The sale includes some great classic PC games like the Wing Commander Series, The Ultima Series, Sim City 2000 and the Populous Series. In fact the only EA games in the GOG catalog that are not on sale are Bioforge and the Medal of Honor Allies Assault War Chest bundle.

I find myself somewhat conflicted by this sale, mostly because I promised myself I wouldn’t support EA after they decided to constantly cram online passes and Origin down our throats  but then again I really do miss playing Sim City 2000 and Nox.

Nov 02 2012

Halo 4 Developer Will Not Tolerate Sexism on Xbox Live

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross and Executive producer of Halo 4 Kiki Wolfkill have announced that they will be taking a stand against sexist comments being said by people playing Halo 4. 343 has said that they will have a zero tolerance policy against sexist comments and offenders will not only result in a lifetime ban from Halo 4 but it will also get your Xbox Live account banned permanently as well.

I’m all for the idea. I mean sure I am all for free speech but Xbox Live has become such a mess of people screaming racist, sexist and homophobic garbage on voice chat that I have had to plug my headset in and leave it on the floor to spare my sanity. Maybe now people will think twice before they decide to harass people online.

Nov 01 2012

PlayStation Vita Hits New Low in Japanese Sales

The sales figured for the PlayStation Vita in Japan just don’t seem to be going anywhere as of late. The Vita sold 5,806 units this sales week which is down 325 units sold from last sales weeks number of 6134 units sold. In contrast the 3DS sold 78,401 units and the PSP sold 15,107 units.

These numbers are certainly troubling but if I had to guess it would be due to the fact that not very much software has come out on the Vita as of yet. Hopefully the Vita doesn’t end up in a catch 22 situation where developers don’t want to make software for it due to its low sales and the sales don’t pick up due to the lack of software.

Oct 31 2012

Disney buys Lucasfilm Ltd & Star Wars for $4.5 Billion

Yesterday the world was rocked with surprise news of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd & Star Wars from George Lucas for a whopping $4.5 billion. With this addition to an already big portfolio of content creators (Pixar, Marvel, ESPN, ABC) Disney is promising Episode VII sometime in 2015 with Episodes VIII and IX coming later and more feature films every 2 or 3 years.

Oct 30 2012

Rayman Legends – Toad Story Gamplay Fottage

This gameplay footage from Rayman Legends shows of the games 5 player co-operative play in a level named “Toad Story”.

Seeing this footage makes me want to play the game even more, which makes the fact that the game wont be a launch title that much more disappointing. I suppose I could always replay Rayman Origins in the meantime but that would require me getting my PS3 out of storage and I am much to lazy for that. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 29 2012

Google Nexus 10 Announced

Had enough of announcements from Google today? Well it’s not over yet as they announced the first 10 inch Nexus Branded Tablet today as well as their newest Nexus Phone. The Nexus 10 is a WiFi only tablet that runs android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Gorilla Glass covered 2560×1600 resolution display at 300 pixels per inch, Dual Core Samsung Exynos 5 SoC processor, 2 GB of RAM, NFC, MIMO Wireless N WiFi,5MP back camera and a 1.9MP front-facing camera. The tablet will be available in Canada on November 13th and start at $409 for the base 16 GB model.

Aside from the lack of a 3G or 4G wireless radio I see this as being a great deal for a 10″ tablet. Especially when you consider that this product has similar specs to an iPad 3 ( in fact the pixels per inch of the Nexus tablet is higher ) for the price of the iPad 2; however, if the Nexus 7 is any indication of how Google works then we should probably expect a 3G/4G capable version of the device sometime next year.

Oct 29 2012

Nexus 7 gets a new 32 GB HSPA + Model

Aside from news on the newest Nexus phone this year Google has also announced that they will be adding a new SKU to their Nexus 7 line. The new model comes with 32 GB of storage and HPSA+ Wireless capability for $309 unlocked. This model will be available on November 13th of this year on the Google Play store and will come fully unlocked.

Also announced was the 8 GB model of the nexus 7’s retirement and a price drop for the 16 GB version of the device. Now you can get a 16 GB WiFi only Nexus 7 for $209 and a 32 GB WiFi only Nexus 7 for $259; however, Google will no longer be offering the 25$ Google Play credit on purchase of the devices.

This should be an interesting holiday season considering that we have a new 3G capable unlocked version of the Nexus 7 coming out as well as the 4G iPad Mini. If I were to pick one I would definitely go for the Nexus 7 but I have a feeling the iPad mini will sell more regardless of its higher price tag.


Oct 29 2012

Google Officially Announces the LG Nexus 4, Available in Canada on November 13th

By now the LG Nexus 4 isn’t much of a surprise but despite the cancellation of Google’s press event in New York today we still got confirmation today on the latest Nexus phone. The LG Nexus 4 will run on OS 4.2 Jelly Bean, have a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon Processor, 4.7 Inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×768, 2 GB’s of RAM, Wireless Charging, NFC, 2,100 mAh battery, 8MP Camera and a 1.3MP front facing camera. The phone is also 9.1 mm thick and weighs 139 grams.

The better news in all of this is that the device will be available in Canada on November 13th at $309 for the 8 gig model and $359 for the 16 gig model directly from the Google Play store. Meaning that the phone will come completely unlocked.

Oct 29 2012

Final Fantasy XIV Ending this November 11

This is another one of those somewhat misleading news stories. Square Enix has stated that Final Fantasy XIV will be ending its run on November 11th, 2012. The game will then be replaced by Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. So in reality its more like a large content update than a game closure.

Square Enix has also started the alpha test for the Realm Reborn version of the game and you can sign up for it on their website.

I never played Final Fantasy XIV but the common word on it was that it was not very good. Hopefully the Realm Reborn update will breath new life into the game for those who purchased it.

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