Jul 27 2012

Onlive signs deal with Ouya

The cloud gaming service Onlive has recently signed a deal  to bring the streaming game service to the Ouya console. Onlive is set to deliver its entire game library to the Ouya console for play on demand with support for the services cloud saves and instant demo’s. No word on whether or not the service will be available at the consoles launch but considering that Onlive already has an Android based client for the platform I think it’s probably safe to assume that it should be.

If they can offer the Onlive experience as well as their own selection of content I would definitely say that the Ouya is really starting to show some potential as a platform.

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  1. Cless

    This makes the whole thing a hell of a lot better than the standalone Onlive player. Especially when you consider it can play android based games and is the same price as the current Onlive micro console.

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