Feb 18 2012

Not all games are created equal… then why is the price?

Here is something that everyone knows, but might not have thought about. You go into an EB Games, GameStop, Best Buy or where ever you decided to buy your new game; and you’re expecting to spend how much? It’s not a tough question is it? How much do you decide to put aside for the purchase $49.99 – $59.99. Right? It’s pretty much always the same.

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Why am I paying the same price for a game that is basically a clone every year with a few minor changes? Example: EA Sports NHL series. Sure NHL 07 was a lot of work, they revamped game and graphics engines, it had a new generation feel, ‘new’ being the key word here. Since then it’s basically been the same game; NHL 10 added new crowd reactions, after the whistle scrums, but is it a new game? Hardly! Do those additions add up to the price they are selling it for? They took the same game made in 2006 and tweak it, and it gets the same shiny new price tag every year. I don’t want to just pick on EA, but all of their sports titles follow a similar pattern. (2K games were looking at you too) Call of Duty is also going to be picked on; at first COD wasn’t that bad; they at least had a single-player campaign that was engaging. However, as the yearly releases continue, the story gets shorter and shorter and it feels as though the effort and money going into the game has decreased.

Wow! New Box Art!

The year of sequels, I’ve heard that so often it has began to bother me. Mass Effect 3, Gears of War 3, Assassins Creed Revelations, Bioshock 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 8, just to name a few. All of those games have one thing in common; they take the ideas from a previous game, tweak it, add some contrived ‘new’ thing to it (multiplayer, new weapons) and sell it for $59.99.

It makes money, it does, and from a business stand point why the hell wouldn’t you do it.? We (the gamers) keep getting ‘newer’ games more frequently, and the video game industry flourishes. However, here’s the problem. Think back, when was the last time you played an original game?

We are in jeopardy right now of entering a gaming stale mate, is it too much money to make a ‘new’ game? Hell, Skyrim game of the year is pretty much a re-tweak of Oblivion, and Fallout 3. However, they at least created a world, and atmosphere that feels new. I was willing to pay $59.99 for the story telling, and the hope of a ‘new’ adventure. Realistically it is the same game mechanic with some tweaks. I have very little to complain about though, I did get my $59.99 worth in Skyrim. There is enough new content there to be worth the money, but it’s still not wholly original. Nevertheless, the game took much more effort to create, in comparison to NHL 12. (Once again I feel that I am unfairly picking on EA’s NHL series, but it gets the point across). Where is the balance? Why are they priced the same?

All I really want to say is this current pattern feels like a down turn. All games are not created equally, and we the users need to see this. These yearly releases of the same game, over and over are ruining the gaming industry as everyone follows suit to make money. That is was capitalism is all about, but something needs to rejuvenate the industry. Games shouldn’t be stapled with the price tag; they should be a reflection of the game.

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  1. raptor89

    Fucking right!

  2. ppp3

    never really gave it any thought

  3. likki1

    you right, but Skyrim is an amazing game doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the article

  4. bravo2011

    $69.99 for Cod buddy..

  5. G

    I don’t think he meant to discredit Skyrim in any way…. point is were being gouged!

  6. Mike

    Loved skyrim, but yea. Gouged hard, and we are pretty much powerless. Cuz ill be honest, the last few Assassins Creed games have been repeatitive and pretty much the same game. However, im a sucker and most likely going to get the new one when it is released.

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