Nov 19 2012

Nintendo Network Accounts Are Locked to One Console

Some disappointing news on the Nintendo front was revealed yesterday after the release of the Wii U when some users realized that they cannot use their Nintendo Network accounts on multiple Wii U’s. Apparently the accounts are bound to the console that they were created on and cannot be used or transferred to other Wii U consoles. This could lead to some trouble for people who purchase games online via Nintendo’s eShop if they ever lose or have their console stolen.

Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t stick to this and opens the Nintendo Network account up to other consoles because otherwise it just seems like they are going one step forward and two steps back with their online ecosystem. Especially when you consider that you can spend upwards of 60 bucks on a single game on their eShop and potentially lose that game if your lose access to the Wii U you purchased it on.

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