Feb 01 2012

New VW Star Wars Commercial

Honestly, this is just stupid.

and sure I could make an argument as to why Vader would be in a Cantina… but I’m not.. ill leave that shit to the stupid Star Wars fan boys.  All I want to say is that the commercial really has nothing to do with cars… except for that one moment.  Now i know what you are thinking, well you are talking about it so point proven the AD worked. NO it didn’t… because I am talking about the commercial and not the car nor the brand name. Do you even remember the car that was featured in the past VW Star Wars commercial? Passat, Jetta CC or Tiguan?  Sure its memorable,  and I might relate to it as the new VW commerical, but it does very little to selling a car. Don’t get me wrong this type of memorable advertising works, when your product is a soft drink, or chocolate bars. Those things where you barely need any information before you buy them. From the mouth of a person who just purchased a car, and was looking for a while (which I’m grateful for that luxury) I paid attention to the commercials, and wanted to hear what those vehicles had to offer before i decided to spend time at a dealership.

For a company thats sales haven’t been all that great recently, maybe spending that extra cash for the Star Wars rights could have been put to better use. (your already spending a shit load to be on during the Super Bowl)

That’s YO cash wasting force choking Garbage!

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  1. I do miss that Vader kid.

  2. zerodig-it

    Hes right, this makes me not want to buy a VW

  3. 8 passenger vehicle

    I will subscribe to your rss as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

    1. G

      RSS feed was down temporarily….Its back up now, Please try again!

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