Mar 18 2012

Review: Apple TV (3rd generation)

The other day I walked out of Futureshop with Mike, Jay, and the new Apple TV.

What separates the aforementioned from the previous generation is its capability for 1080p content. In light of the upgrade as well as the impressive screen resolution of the new iPad¹, Apple has demonstrated a commitment to video quality by enabling their devices to display the highest consumer picture standards. To go off an a tangent, Apple would do well to put as much into sound as they do into picture. I’m amazed by the poor sound quality and limited volume that all current iDevices and laptops sport. I digress.

The iTunes store offers just about everything in the way of movies and TV shows. I like having so many options however I do hope that Apple is able to overcome the red tape in implementing a monthly or yearly subscription service to supplement their current pay-to-play model². This would mean serious competition for Netflix and more value for frequent viewers.

The Apple TV grants internet capability to those of us who don’t have ethernet jacks behind our HDTVs. YouTube is expected but I am particularly pleased to have complete access to Vimeo; which is essentially a filmmaker’s community that prizes creativity and quality. Thus, it feels more natural to watch those films on my television. Other apps include MLB, NHL, Netflix, Flickr (note: no account access), and [movie] Trailers. There’s also a nifty podcast app…

Lastly, AirPlay affords streaming, mirroring, and gaming opportunities via your Apple devices. I especially look forward to the latter once my new iPad arrives. Stay tuned for a video.

Overall, I feel like the Apple TV is allowing me to get more out of all my Apple tech. It seems that the third generation of Apple devices are the ones to wait for. I’m happy with my purchase and I would say that this is something worth checking out.




¹ More on this in TYG Podcast Episode 16.

² More on this in TYG Podcast Episode 4.

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  1. CThhutlu

    I look forward to seeing how Airplay works as i cannot afford to get both the new Ipad and appletv.

    monthly subscriptions would be amazing

  2. Jason

    I was actually very surprised about the cost of the device. Its really not much more then a Roku which offers similar functionality but without the iTunes ecosystem. That being said it does have the Amazon ecosystem which is arguably just as good but stuff like airplay makes me regret the Roku purchase.

  3. Mike

    but come on… with a name like Roku …. they could technically come out with SSJRoku and SSJ2Roku followed by SSJ3Roku with longer extension cords!

  4. Sal Was

    fantastic input! You should post more.. your voice is minimal other then the podcast

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