May 23 2012

More Dropzone Commander Pic’s

Wow.... Just wow...

I’ve been saving up the wealth of images handed out by Hawk Wargames regarding their super detailed and awesome new line of miniatures for Dropzone Commander for quite some time. I can’t even believe the raw detail of these models, sure a studio paint job will make any miniature look amazing but a lot of the detail of this miniature and the ones after the jump is actually built into the model itself. Click the jump to see some seriously well crafted models.

I split the images up by faction. First we have the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind)

This is what he meant when he said the model's actually fit in their dropships.

APC's I wonder if this kit is a single piece per vehicle of if they need to be assembled.

Next we have the Post-Human Republic.

This is a beautiful model!

Sci-fi tanks with a low enough profile to actually make sense... Lor would love these.

And then giant walkers... Lor would not like these, except for the cool factor.

Now we have the Scourge

Do these things remind anyone else of Zerg infested Dragoons???

Not really a fan of these.. maybe because I camp a lot and they remind me of leeches. Then again maybe that's the point.

That's a lot of detail for 10mm.

And finally the Shaltari Tribes.

I like them, not sure why they only come three to a squad maybe they are a lot better then the Scourge infantry

I'm not a fan of these... they look too fragile to be viable in combat situations. Lol or maybe they are made from Unobtainium and indestructible!

The best for last... This thing owns my soul!

Well those are some of the many released images we’ve seen so far. Frankly I’m waiting for June to come so I can pre-order my rulebook. You can bet your ass you will be seeing Dropzone Commander on War-Game Wednesday!

What do you guys think, do these babies match up to the hype.

That’s Yo “If Anyone is in the Market for a Mother, Mine Cooks, Cleans, Knits and Dances a Mean Tarantella.. CAD Only Please!” Garbage!

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  1. Magnus

    I like the Post-Human Republic models! Looking forward to playing them!

  2. Loredo84

    Holy crap, these are wonderful :)!

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