Oct 16 2012

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Pricing Revealed

Microsoft revealed the pricing for its upcoming Surface tablet today and has since pulled the listing from their website. So unless they plan on changing the pricing last-minute the pricing for a 32 gig Surface Tablet will start at $499.99 for just the tablet. 599.99 for a 32 gig tablet with a keyboard cover and 699.99 for a 64 gig tablet with a keyboard cover.

The touch keyboard can also be purchased separately at 119.99 for the regular touch cover and 129.99 for the surface type cover which is a thicker cover that provides more tactile response with its keys.

At first glance I thought that Microsoft may have missed the boat completely on the pricing for the tablet but then I remembered that a 32 gig iPad 3 costs $600. So while they are slightly undercutting the competition it doesn’t seem that they are doing it as aggressively as some would have hoped.

I am certainly looking forward to see how the Surface RT performs once it releases this October 26th but I cant help but think that most people will either pass on it or wait for the x86 version of the tablet.

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