Sep 27 2012

Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation

BioWare has announced the Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation. The set will combine all three Mass Effect titles into one package said to be launched for Xbox 360 and PC on November 6th for one easy payment of $59.99. This will be the first time the original game will be on The PlayStation 3, yet a date has not been announced for this system.( ….typical.. why am I not surprised)

BioWare has also announced a re-release of the original Mass Effect as a standalone via the PlayStation Network, that is once they get the compilation release date sorted out. Also, BioWare has announced ‘N7 Day’, set for November 7th 2012. The day will include “worldwide” in-game, online and other live events for the Mass Effect community to participate in. more details will be available soon on MassEffect.com.


This is a great product for those who haven’t played Mass Effect as of yet and are looking to give the trilogy a shot. For PlayStation fans…you are just going to have to wait

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