Jun 28 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. G’s thoughts.

Well it finally arrived. The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut free DLC. Honestly it’s no secret that I was unimpressed with the ending to Mass Effect 3. I loved the first two games to a point that the mere mention of the franchise drives my girlfriend crazy. So I was let down when the first 95% of Mass Effect 3 was amazing only to have the ending fall flat. Did Bioware’s free DLC remedy that situation. Click the jump to check out the video and find out my thoughts.

Overall I think Bioware did a great job with the DLC. I found the ending to be a lot more fleshed out. Sure there were some plot holes but I find it hard to get too mad at Bioware after they admitted their mistake and took steps to rectify it. Realistically only the most ridiculous fans would still be upset after this. Honestly if you are still mad about the Mass Effect 3 ending after this I’d be much more worried about what that says about you then what that says about Bioware.

What did you think of the DLC? does it at least calm the flames of nerd rage a bit? or did you expect more?

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  1. Cort

    I quote everything 100%. Am completely fine too. BW did what they could possibly do, asking for more means you bought a book and want the author to re-write it.

    The initial ending was REALLY annoying, but now I think they did enough. Not perfect, but nobody is.

  2. Bauller

    The ending was just explained better, the first time around i barely understood what was going… This time u were able to delve deeper into the three choices.

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