Jul 12 2012

Man of Steel Costume at Comic-Con

The new costume is being shown off at comic-con for the ‘newer’ adaption of the Superman franchise, entitled Man of Steel. I find the new costume much to my liking, as it has a more gritty, real world feel then most of the Superman pajamas from the past. The cape is done in a Roman centurion fashion with it beginning tightly over the shoulder just above the collar bone; giving it a badass look. I also like the ‘out-of-this-world’ look on the wrist, and waist line, the sharp rivets give a nice alien feel.  Well Done! Thanks to IGN for the pictures. Hit the jump for more pictures

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  1. G

    I uh… hate it. Does nothing for me, remind me of a Basketball.

  2. The_Fisher_King

    Is anyone else slightly annoyed there’s no House of El symbol on the cape?

  3. Kupy

    The exact reason I came to comments! Just because the 90’s cartoon didn’t have the symbol on the cape doesn’t mean everyone else gets to slack on it too!

  4. Mike

    Basketball LOL-G, I agree, the simplicity of it without the symbol is nice.. but yea the House of El symbol would be a classic touch

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