Jan 30 2012

Kingdom Death New Releases

Freddy + Mufasa = Pimp!

Kingdom Death just released a small batch of new releases, and since I covered the last set of releases I’d figure I’d go ahead and do it again. Unlike last months round of releases there are only two new releases and a couple of re-releases. Check out the new models after the jump.

Firstly we have the Lion Knight 2nd which to be honest is one of the coolest models I’ve seen in a long time. I gotta admit that I absolutely love the larger Kingdom Death models. Currently there are 27 of the 200 released left for sale… which is great because its getting a lot harder to get these models.

Also!!! This chick scares the crap out of me…..

I don't even know what to say...

The next new release is the Mother. Which comes off as a creepy lovecraftian pregneant Nun.

So this model does not have the same wow factor a lot of the other Kingdom Death releases have had in the past but overall I still like it. It still has the same high quality scuplt as the rest of the line so you can do a lot worse. She’d be great for a cleric in D&D…a chaotic pregneant cleric.

That rounds up all the new releases from KD this month. The re-release were the Flower Knight and Grand Mother. The Grand Mother was a popular release and the Flower Knight won the BoLS 2011 Readers Choice award. Check it out on the Kingdom Death website at: http://kingdomdeath.com/


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