Apr 09 2012

Kingdom Death New Limited Run Figures Released

Finally! I was starting to think this company had fallen off the earth from the lack of news. I’m used to long periods of silence but this has been longer than normal. thankfully the wait is now over and we have the next batch of Kingdom Death releases. Sadly its a small batch. pictures and my thoughts after the jump.

There they are in all their resin glory. It’s hard to be upset by the limited quantity of releases in this wave when the caliber is simply mind-blowing. I don’t know who casts this guys resin but they make the monkey’s over at GW spinning the finecast garbage look absolutely ridiculous.

And I’m talking from¬†experience, Kingdom Death figures usually require no more work then a plastic figure and manage to pack on tons of detail.. a fact which has largely led to most of my mini’s remaining unpainted until my hands get less fat. As for the subjects of this post I tend to ignore the 54mm miniatures as I like my mini’s to be er… well mini. But I love the White Speaker when she was originally released, I loved the pin-up version and I definitely still dig this old sculpt.

As for the Great Game Hunter (Male/Female) there isn’t anything to say except that they are some of the best models I’ve seen and they convey the ¬†sense of arrogance and superiority that they are given in the games fluff. I like how KD is starting to release both genders of a class. Sure it equates to more model sales with the same concept but I don’t mind paying out for the option when they are so nicely done.

Once again astounding work from KD and I’m eagerly awaiting my parcel from them!

That’s Yo “Where Are The Rules For This Game!” Garbage,

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  1. andersonimes

    I’ve never seen a mini that detailed.

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