May 20 2012

Kick-Ass Will Be A Trilogy

Renown comic book writer Mark Millar let is slip in an interview with IGN, that the Kick-Ass movie was originally designed to be a trilogy.

“On the Kick-Ass 2 movie, set to be directed by Jeff Wadlow, Millar was also hesitant to reveal names but stated that there will be two new actors joining the cast. He did let slip, however, that there will be a movie trilogy. “Matthew [Vaughan, director of Kick-Ass] and I always talked in Star Wars terms – we had this shorthand… Seriously, the trilogy of Kick-Ass movies is exactly structured like Star Wars and like, planned from the beginning.”

I just hope that they don’t try and milk it with terrible prequels, sorry I have a deep seeded hate for Star Wars. Regardless, I do love that Mark Millar wants to make a Saturday morning cartoon, I loved waking up Saturday morning and watching X-Men, Beast Wars or Mummies Alive. The quality of Saturday morning cartoons in terms of awesomeness have gone down. Give the kids something good to watch Mark!!

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  1. LittleKnown

    Oh boy, more gratuitous violence and rape. I’m sorry, and I can understand enjoying the first arc and the movie, but the second one made it clear that Kick-Ass has no business continuing.

  2. rampop

    Well, the first one was a slightly more gritty and “realistic” approach to the idea of people trying to be superheroes. Since that idea was mostly played out through the first series, all that was left for the next one to do is basically “up the ante” by turning it into a gratuitous mess of rape, child-killing, and excessive use of the word “motherfucker”.

    I can only imagine what a third series might hope to accomplish.

  3. MongoAbides

    While I haven’t read it I’m actually surprised that people are shocked by the extreme violence. Life isn’t a whole lot prettier, and in some parts of the world it’s a whole lot uglier. I imagine the language might get old to me, because even though I curse like a sailor I seem to have a low enough tolerance for it in my fiction, but the violence seems EXPECTED.

  4. ShawnDaley

    I enjoyed it until the ending, when it became evident that Kick-Ass 2 was just a setup for the Kick-Ass spinoff, Hit-Girl.

    KA2 essentially had no ending.

  5. playonplayer

    I think the key here is that Millar is saying it will be a trilogy. When it comes to making his properties sound like they are all being sought after as huge blockbuster movies, that cock will say anything.

  6. withad

    Including “Seriously, the trilogy of Kick-Ass movies is exactly structured like Star Wars and like, planned from the beginning.”

    Yes, Kick-Ass is exactly structured like Star Wars. I mean, there’s a good guy… kind of. And some bad guys. And they say words at each other and do things for a while and the story eventually builds to a climax. And everyone says “motherfucker” all the time. The parallels are uncanny!

  7. mwmani

    Why, dear god, doesn’t he finish War Heroes?!

  8. happygerbil

    The first one was good because I picked up on something that it seems during the creation of the movie and then the second part Millar lost sight of.

    To me Kick-Ass is about how terrible an idea it would be for a normal teenager to become a superhero. Anytime he does something right in the comic it is followed quickly by him utterly fucking up and being beaten to a bloody pulp.

    Then the movie came out and he screws up but in the end he’s doing shit that makes no sense and being a complete disgusting pervert with no drawbacks. (I did not in anyway like the movie.)

    The second comic was a mess. Over use of social media references that made Millar seem like the middle aged man he is, stupid silly violence pretending to be gritty, and a surprisingly unsatisfying ending (surprising because it actually fell under my incredibly low expectations.)

    TL;DR: Rant about liking the first Kick-Ass comic and hating everything after.

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