Jun 01 2012

June’s Kingdom Death Releases Outed!

The Survivor Pinup, Must Say I Love the Spear and Tribal Look!

June’s Release line up features a lot of safe bets, and a lot of Kissed by Fire Survivor Models. I was wondering when the next bout of releases from KD would be coming as the gap seemed to be quite long this time. Considering the release of the Experiment of Death, and the Beyond the Wall Diorama I’m willing to forgive in this case. No idea what I’m talking about? Hit the Jump to Find out!

KD's First Diorama! I'm Going to Do Something Cool With This Model.

The first new Red-Headed Survivor mini is a diorama. I have seen some pretty serious fan-made diorama’s and he KD range is so stylistically interesting that each and every miniature lends itself to cool Diorama’s. I’d say some KD figures are on the level of Studio McVey’s models. Overall the artwork for this piece is good, and the model looks like it was casted well. Overall I really dig this figure.

Survivor Pinup!


A BOOTY shot for Mike!

Really we have another Pinup. The basic Survivor model and the Beyond the Wall diorama was clearly not enough red-head so we have this. Frankly the pinup range has been pretty amazing with only one of the figures letting me down somewhat. The tribal aesthetic and the awesomeness of the spear just remind me of a sexy witch doctor from D3 and it’s hard not to love this figure.

I've been waiting a long time for this Monster!!!

I never bought the original Forsaker figure. I was strapped for cash back then and the model never really did anything for me. By the time I realized I intended to collect Kingdom Death figures it had already sold out. To this day it was the only missing figure I had as I’ve been on the mailing list since the beginning. The release of the new Forsaker rectified this issue for me, and what a release it is. This is the kind of detail Kingdom Death is known for and this model is absolutely staggering. KD should give GW seminars about sculpting movement.

The Experiment of Death!

This release made Lorenzo really happy. The Wet Nurse, the big titted wonder that looks like it jumped out of Dragon Age Origins has been released in plastic, and its been paired with a plastic release of the Twilight Knight Pinup. All this for the low price of $65.00. Quantities are limited but this model has such a demand that by the time I hit publish on this I’m sure there will be like two left.

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