Jan 20 2012

Is everything better with ZOMBIES??

I strongly believe the only two variables that can make something better are Dragons and zombies, respectively.

Lets go back to the beginning as to why this topic came up. Well I was jones-ing for a new app to play with on my IPhone, and where better to start than checking out what’s new under the featured tab. I’m just over a week behind now, but i did want to play the game first and decided if it would last past the initial 10 minute play time. Usually I will get a new app, play it.. then delete it.

Zombie Minesweeper uses the game mechanic from classic mindsweeper, but adds the stress, guts and gore that ZOMBIES bring. A winning combination? Well I’m still enjoying it but I’m almost done. You play Sally, a cute blonde girl who is trying to escape the mean ol’zombie creatures. Pretty much you have to get from point A to point B without 1. being eaten 2. being blown-up or 3. well….  As you walk around on screen and approach a mine numbers will show up on the ground, and you need to cleverly, but quickly avoid the mine. If your really good you can lure the zombies onto the mine, which takes some practice. However, you have an advantage over the MINDless zombies…. (hint: a brain, if you needed that hint to solve my riddle then maybe this game isn’t for you) Oh! and you have a shotgun!

For the $0.99 price, its a great experience, and undoubtedly updates will follow.

That’s YO Garbage!!!


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