Oct 04 2012

Iron Man 3 has resumed filming

Iron Man 3 resumed filming in Miami this week after taking a nearly six-week break to allow for Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/ Tony Stark) to rest from his ankle injury.

In the likeness of his character, the actor wasted no time in getting back into the suit and fighting of crime, as the first shots from the set showed him in Iron Man mode with some knew costume sets.

Is that Iron Patriot?  Rumor has it that Iron Patriot is actually War machine (Don Cheadle). The problem with set photos is you don’t quite know what you’re seeing. This is certainly the case with comic book movies, where anything can spark all kinds of deductions.

Filming resumed near Dania Beach, Fla., on October 1, and despite the six-week break of filming, the movie is still set to be released on May 3, 2013.  Marvel has also announced the first teaser trailer will debut on October 23. (EOnline)

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