Aug 16 2012

I <3 Valve: FREE Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2 Updates

Today I love a company more then any man should. Today Valve made me a happy gamer. Today is a great day!

Valve did a few nice things between today and yesterday for computer gamers, and it was all for FREE! Let’s begin with Portal 2. Valve Software has updated the Portal 2 level creator today, allowing users to create co-op levels. It’s called the The Perpetual Testing Initiative and some gamers have already made more then 170,000 levels. Hit the jump to read on

The Portal 2 update also gives gamers the option to check out and play the top-rated maps, which are sorted in an array of categories. As well, to push the announcement further, Valve is giving every Portal 2 owner a coupon to give to a Steam friend, which allows them to buy Portal 2 for 75% off.

Now let’s move on to Team Fortress 2. Valve Software released a new Co-op mode for Team Fortress 2 entitled Mann Vs Machine. This FREE mode allows teams of up to six gamers to see how long they can survive against waves of Machines. Valve pretty much has me eating out of their hands, because defense games are my kryptonite. The enemy machines are trying to plant bombs, and are spin offs of the actual TF2 crew. As well there are walking bombs, sentry busters and giants. There is also a secret enemy that leaves behind ‘tank-like’ tread tracks, and apparently run on human blood…

This update is already available, stop reading and go play it! That is of course, unless you don’t have friends, because that would be kind of difficult to do…. Did i mention it was FREE!!! Happy Day!

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