Feb 20 2012

How Dumb Can People Be.. Really…Pokemon Yellow App Scam

I was doing my normal “checking the top 25 paid/free” on the Apple App store and i cam across this:

If you are looking at this and think it’s real, well you sir/miss are just as dumb as the 195 other people, who actually bought it. Currently it is up to 267 reviews. However, those are just the people who have left a review. To make the Top 25 paid list, I’m sure you need to sell a ton of copies. What a great scam!

How to tell it’s a scam 101:

All the press quotes have no mention of the person/company who said it.

It’s a Pokemon Yellow game for God’s sakes, did the game boy pocket have Retina display use?

Everyone knows Daniel Burford made Pokemon!

If the company in this case does not read NINTENDO or GAMEFREAK, it’s not real…

At the very least, people leave reviews for a reason, why have people continued to download it after reading reviews like this.

I love how people are like “Fix this” Like they still believe it is real…

My last gripe is with Apple, how could you make this crap happen? It’s been on the App store since February 17th, why the fuck hasn’t it been pulled yet? Figure it out Apple. Hopefully you enjoy your cut of this scam!

That’s YO “scamming you while playing off your┬ánostalgia” Garbage

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  1. Just goes to show you that Nintendo would make a crap ton of Money if they actually did put a pokemon game on the app store.

  2. Guile252

    If it was real, it would definitely be more then $0.99, Nintendo would charged atleast $9.99 for it. Hell, i’d still pay!

  3. John doe

    Clearly genius. However if you did fall for this he’s right they should have looked at the info first.

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