Aug 07 2012

Hobo Hugh: on set for The Wolverine (2013)

Has Hugh Jackman lost his mind? Has he pulled a Joaquin Phoenix? Is he protesting something? Starting a new look? No need to worry ladies and gents our “WOLVERINE” is doing just that, being Wolverine. He’s on set for the upcoming wolverine movie titled THE WOLVERINE.

It looks as though our hero will be adopting a few different looks throughout this next instalment to the wolverine origin movie and X-men prequel. This is no random homeless man but Hugh Jackman himself caught on set looking rather weathered and unkept. THE WOLVERINE finds Logan (Hugh Jackman) travelling to Japan to train with a specific samurai warrior. While in Japan Wolverine falls in love with a Japanese woman who has been promised to another man. The forbidden romance puts Logan at war with her father and the dangerous mutant Silver Samurai. Directed by James Mangold, this summer movie is set to be released to theaters on July 26 2013. though in my personal opinion and a fan of Hugh Jackman as an actor, Wolverine has not been one of his best roles nor has the X-MEN movies lived up to their hype, hopefully this next installment can alter my opinion and bring a new light to the future of the X-MEN and Origin movies. We will see in July 2013 if this claw can make the cut.

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