Aug 10 2012

Hero Academy Team Fortress 2 is Now Available on Steam

For those of you who do not know Hero Academy is a turn-based asynchronous fantasy battler by Robot Entertainment. If you want to learn more about the game check out my review. The big news today (August 10, 2012) is that Hero Academy is finally available on Steam. This means we get a new team, say hello to the Team Fortress 2 Team! hit the jump to read on

If you already have the game on your iOS device (which you should because its free), when you buy the game on Steam you can sync your current account. This allows you to access all the teams you have purchased, and links the new Team Fortress 2 team to all your devices. Thus, you can play the game from anywhere you have it installed, all the game data will link.

It gets better, for every team you have purchased, either prior to this release or after, will unlock free Hero Academy themed items for TF2 shown below.

I’ve already started playing with the new TF2 team and so far I have no complaints. I plan to play the crap out of this game in the days to come, and if I find anything of bother, I will vocalize it. Till then, I have taken the liberty of displaying each character ability for the new team. I could not find images for the Sandwich and the Respawn Token, so their respective descriptions are: Heals Ally for 500 HP and adds 2 range to next movement, Respawns a fallen ally to your tile rack, but removes his equipment. No AP cost to use.

Cloaked unit who is not targetable at range. Deals massive damage from behind.

Fast-moving recon hero; gain an AP when deployed. Automatically hops back when hit.

Can target enemies anywhere in his row. Crouches at the end of turn; crouched attacks are at increased power.

Heals and revives allies; can link to a full-health ally to increase their power.

Defensive hero with a basic ranged attack. Upgrades allies’ weapons.

AOE attack at range. Every successive attack deals more damage as his minigun spins up.

Does full damage to two enemies in a row; attack can hit cloaked units.

Lobs grenades that do AOE damage. Bonus damage against crystals.

Ranged hero. Powerful rockets knock enemy units back.

Team Bonus
Relentless Action – Stomping enemies grants an action point.

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