Apr 30 2012

Hero Academy Dream Team

It would be an understatement to say that I am addicted to Hero Academy. If you missed my review from a while back, check it out and see if this game is right for you. I am eagerly awaiting the release of some new races/teams for this game (which have been coming out in a timely fashion.) However, I can’t help but think of some teams I want to play as.

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Here is a few teams I would like to see:

Elves: We already have dark elves so a team of elves seems fitting. Caster type elves would be high elves, shooter units could be wood elves, etc. Some cool abilities would be extra movement speed if they have no items equipped, I always thought it was cool how Legolas from Lord of the Rings was able to walk on snow, because elves were light footed. (Special Ability: Light footed.) Maybe instead of a healer they could have a support unit who plants a tree that has a healing aura. (Special Ability: Tree of Life). This team seems like a staple for fantasy based games, it has a lot of possibles and lore to fall back on.

Robots: How about some humanoid battle bots? Robots open up some new battle strategies for the game. Such as reconstruction, where if a robot is destroyed and not stomped they can auto-reconstruct and come back at low HP, no action point used. As for attack weapons buzz saws, chainsaw swords, rocket launchers and machine guys are all applicable here. A Possible unique ability could be turrets that can be placed by engineer bots (support unit) which are stationary additions to your teams that last for a few rounds and then explode. Turrets would be good to protect position on the map. Robots would be quite fun to play, and there are definitely a lot of possibilities for this team.

Angels/Demons: It would definitely make for some epic battles of good versus evil. How sweet could it look having some angels decked out in knight armor and swords. Movement would be the specialty here (wings), as well as healing, possible called divine light. Even though visually they can be significantly different, It would be quite tough to separate unique abilities for the angels vs the humans; as the main staples would have to be winged archers (Shooter units) and winged knights (fighter units). The super unit could be an arch-angel which would be cool to see. The demons would have less trouble in this respect, because they could be punishment based. Where they would cause damage to themselves to release strong attacks. Abilities to throw fire, or even have some units fashioned with flamethrowers would be hilarious. The super unit could be a larger demon who can shoot out chains from a distance pulling enemies closer to be group attacked, or constricting enemies from make moves for a turn or two. (yea Spawn came to mind here). One of the special items could be fire/lava that is forced up from the ground doing damage to all units in a 3×3 area. These two teams could be a possible, but some creativity would be necessary.

Some other possible units could be: Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Dragons, Lizardmen, Zombies and Beast Masters… Let me know if you have any dream teams you would like to see. Even if they are listed here, you may have some possible abilities and themes the teams could follow.

That’s Yo “we can dream-teams…” GarbageĀ  <– cheesiest TYG tagline so far…

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  1. Simianfriday

    Easily my favorite iOS game ever.
    As for a team I’d like to see… I think Zombies could be really interesting. They could have a unit capable of turning your opponents units into zombies that you then control – I’m thinking something similar to the necromancers ability to raise a phantom, but at melee range instead. Also maybe the newly turned zombie retains some aspect of the power that the turned unit originally had. For example, if I were to turn a knight, the zombie knight could retain the knights knock back ability. The turned zombies would obviously have to have significant weaknesses so as to avoid unbalancing the game… Probably limiting the damage they do and the HP they have.
    Their team power (like the fireball / soul harvest) could be “raise dead” or something. I envision that this would raise any knocked out units on the battlefield, yours and your opponents, turning them into zombies.
    Maybe have an occultist unit that can curse certain tiles on the board. Possible curses could cause damage, or hold a specific unit for a turn so it can’t take actions… Something like that.

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