Mar 19 2012

HBO Canada Presents Game of Thrones the Exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox

So, HBO Canada, in association with TIFF, presents Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, March 9–18 at TIFF Bell Lightbox Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A few of us at TYG managed to scoop up some tickets and check out the exhibit. Expectations might have been high and the excitement bubbling but in my opinion I was not impressed. Before entering the exhibit itself, you were able to stand in line and get your photo professionally taken with the throne, that is if the equipment they were using worked properly. To add to the mild annoyance of waiting for the photographer to get his shit together, the throne itself looked plastic, pathetic and not very glorious at all. We were too impatient to wait in line for a cheaply made replica of the actual throne to receive a wallet size photo of ourselves, so we exited the throne line and entered the line for the exhibit itself. Prior to entering we were approached by an elderly lady who looked like she had been working since biblical times, asking us to have our tickets ready and to refrain from taking pictures of the exhibit material. I guess she doesn’t know about Facebook or Twitter (or this website for that matter) because taking photos of things like this to show off to our friends is what our generation does…and I have an iPhone which comes in handy…

The rope was removed and we were finally allowed to enter the exhibit to only be disappointed further. With the high security I was unable to snap any photos but it would have been pointless anyway considering there wasn’t much to the exhibit. In total they had a few costumes, 1 dragon egg, the house banners, a few other props, and the Hand of the King broach. The one exciting thing was the wax head of Ned Stark on a spike as you entered the surprisingly small room. By this point I understood why the allotted time to attend the exhibit was only an hour and we were done in approximately 10 minutes. We looked at the final few screen shots from filming blotted along the walls and headed for the exit and determined to at least find a well merchandised gift shop. The Gift shop had a few T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and over priced season 1 of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray, that was it (It was priced at $99.99 where you could buy it at HMV or Walmart for $59.99). I had really hoped to find at most a ‘hand of the king’ letter opener or dragon egg paperweight but there is only so many coffee mugs a man can handle, and they weren’t even gift worthy.

I will admit the tickets were free. Yes, why then am I complaining if the tickets were free? Well because 1. I can, and 2. I feel if you are going to have an exhibit for a show that holds a huge fan base and know a great amount of people are planning to attend, make it worth attending. I would rather pay $15-$20 for admission to something that will ‘wow’ me then free entry to something that wasted an hour of my life.

Overall, I can’t be completely bitter. It was cool to see the few things they did have considering that Game of Thrones Season 2 première’s April 1 on HBO. It did spark my excitement for the new season and my want to begin reading the books; therefore it wasn’t a complete waste of time. One thing about the props they did have that did catch my interest was the amazing attention to detail in the costumes from fabric down to jewelery. If you attended let me know your thoughts.

That’s YO” Thank the Seven This Was Free” Garbage!

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  1. immortal_corruptor

    Went yesterday… it did feel like a big waste of time, although being able to see the new banners for Stannis was rather exciting. Other than that, just a bunch of stuff I could have googled. Hopefully HBO will expand their collection of exhibition items for next year. The real kicker was the huge lineup to wait for a plastic looking throne. I had asked an attendant, and was told that the wait time was close to 2 hours.

  2. dnovi

    Yeah i went on Sunday as well. Agreed about how underwhelming the exhibit was. Good thing it was free.

    We also passed on getting our pictures taken on the throne due to the line up. When we exited the film we attended, they were removing the camera equipment and they allowed us to take pictures on it with our iphones.

  3. dihuxley

    Same here, underwhelming and skipped the Iron Throne for the same reason. Also it really surprised me because I wouldn’t have expected to get so excited over it, but Stannis’ banner was definitely my favourite part of it. I would have been happier if they had had Ice and Longclaw instead of “Knight’s sword”, and some more costumes.

  4. raspberryapocalypse

    March 9 was a good day to go. The line-ups weren’t bad (straight into the exhibit and less than 30 mins for the Iron Throne) AND, if you were there at the right time, you got to meet Michelle Fairley.

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