Jun 11 2012

Hawk Wargames Site Goes Live

Dropzone Commander the first tabletop war-game from Hawk Wargames is now up for pre-order on their site. After taking a look at what was on offer, I’m as staggered with the release as I was with the Salute images. The quality of the models on display make them hard to resist and for once I can honestly say that all three of the factions are equally appealing. To see more and read some of my thoughts click the jump. or check out the Hawk Wargames site here.

So nice!

Honestly Lorenzo and I are no strangers to Wargames, I’ve tried to con Lorenzo into playing every system known to man. Between the two of us we’ve spent more money on plastic crack then I’d ever want to admit. The fact that we are even remotely functioning members of society is miraculous considering the amount of little army men we have collectively. So when a new game comes out my response is not the one you should rely on as I’m a frothing at the mouth miniature addict. Lorenzo on the other hand maintains the ability to keep his composure so that’s how I know what Hawk Wargames has produced here is different then the average bear.

The main appeal of Dropzone Commander is quite obviously the model ranges, and I’m pretty sure if you’ve been following our site (like you should be) your already aware of how much we love them. All four ranges are great, I can’t even think of a single model I outright wouldn’t want to own. That brings me to the one concern I had about this range. State of the Art technology was used to design the miniatures to squeeze all that detail into the models, a completely new type of modeling resin was used to bring the models into reality. Lastly this is a start-up, the guy in charge of this product needs to eat so I was assuming with all the above factors models would be expensive. Painfully so.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

UCM Starter Army

The above pictured Starter Set runs: 108.00 CAD

Starter kits were designed to get you into Dropzone Commander right out the gate, and they carry a good mix of units to get you started playing some smaller games. The amount of models you get is above average, the variety is also very nice, as pictured above you have two different sets of tanks, two APC’s with the six teams that go inside them and the dropships to carry them all around. Buying them individually would run over $200.00 CAD so the value is there.

There are also a large variety of army deals for larger forces allowing you to save money, some of them even come with cases to allow you to move your models around safely. Overall I think the models and deals are fairly priced. I can’t see them being any lower considering the calibre of model were talking about.


The only question left considering the awesomeness of the models, and what I believe to be fairly priced miniatures is the rules. We’ve pre-ordered a copy of the rules and after giving them a solid read will be posting our thoughts. Considering there is still a month before models start to ship we may even buy some starter sets to test out on War-Game Wednesday.

What do you guys think, sound off in the comments below.

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