Oct 10 2012

Hands On: COD Black Ops Declassified

I recently got a chance to sit down and play a few rounds of multiplayer in the upcoming PlayStation Vita title Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.  The first thing I noticed when playing the game is how well they translated the Call of Duty franchise to the handheld. The game plays just like its console counterparts with you running and gunning down people.

The major differences are in how the game controls. Running is done by just holding down the analog stick rather than clicking it in.  This takes some getting used to be it seemed to work just fine to me. Other changes include touchscreen controls for your grenades, melee attack and kill-streak rewards. These all seemed to work fine for the most part but there were a few instances where I ended up hitting the touchscreen in the wrong spot and getting killed for it.

The map I played on was Nuketown, which is a faithful recreation of the same map from the first Black Ops game and while it did not look all that fantastic to me ( probably because I am used to playing the PC version of most games ) it did certainly look very impressive for a handheld title.

Overall I would say that I am pretty impressed with the title from what I have seen so far.  If you’re a fan of the series and you have a PlayStation Vita I would say definitely keep an eye on the title this holiday season.

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  1. kri$ (@kriskrosBBK)

    I guess you watched the gamescom trailer .What you played ,do you think is way better and improved than the trailer?

    1. Jason

      I actually had not watched the trailer at the time of writing this but now after watching it this morning I would say that it looked exactly like it did in the trailer. Obviously not that great looking when you compare it to the PC and Home console versions of Call of Duty but I still think that it is pretty impressive for a handheld title.

      1. kri$ (@kriskrosBBK)

        Regret to hear that ,they said that they improved the graphics a lot since the trailer.When did you play the game.Was it soon?Did you play adhoc or servers?Was it laggy.Thanks for answering man!

        1. Jason

          I played it early last week. The game was not laggy at all but we were connected through hard wire so I can’t confirm how the game performs on adhoc.

  2. Remy

    Question: Does the sound of the guns are really like call of duty? And can you hear your enemy? Do you hear where the shooting is coming from? Those where some issues with resistance burning skies. The guns sound like popping corn and you can not hear any enemies like any other shooter..

    1. Jason

      The game sounded fine to me but I was wearing a giant fancy pair of noise cancelling headphones so that might have been a factor.

  3. kri$ (@kriskrosBBK)

    Did you play Nukehouse only ? Is it much smaller than Nuketown or its just fine on 4v4?
    Your article is pretty positive so I think it left good impressions.Can you call it proper COD on the go ??I am jus kinda pesimistic but after Resistance I think its normal .

    1. Jason

      Only played on Nukehouse and it was fine for 4v4. The game did get me pretty excited for CoD on the go but I would still wait for reviews just to be sure.

      Also one thing I forgot to mention is that I was playing a preview build so it is possible that they had not improved on that build yet, meaning I would not have seen any of the graphical improvements that they have promised.

  4. Alex

    What guns were used in the game that you played? Were the shotguns balanced with the machine guns? They are not in Resistance: Burning Skies.

    1. Jason

      They only had a few load-outs available and Shotguns were not in any of them so I cant confirm whether shotguns are broken or not, Sorry.

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