Nov 02 2012

Halo 4 Developer Will Not Tolerate Sexism on Xbox Live

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross and Executive producer of Halo 4 Kiki Wolfkill have announced that they will be taking a stand against sexist comments being said by people playing Halo 4. 343 has said that they will have a zero tolerance policy against sexist comments and offenders will not only result in a lifetime ban from Halo 4 but it will also get your Xbox Live account banned permanently as well.

I’m all for the idea. I mean sure I am all for free speech but Xbox Live has become such a mess of people screaming racist, sexist and homophobic garbage on voice chat that I have had to plug my headset in and leave it on the floor to spare my sanity. Maybe now people will think twice before they decide to harass people online.

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