Aug 15 2012

Halo 4 Class Specialization Info Detailed

Halo 4’s “Spartan Ops” designer David Ellis recently spoke to IGN about the games multiplayer specialization system. The system which is intended to be endgame content for fans of the game’s multiplayer will allow players to raise their level cap. Each class has nine levels of cosmetic customisation and the tenth level offers players a “gameplay modifying perk”. Two of the games specializations: Wetwork and Pioneer, will be available at the game’s launch while the other six will come at a later date.

For a full list of all the specializations and what they do hit the jump.

  • Wetworks: Grants the user protection against the wall-penetrating Promethean Vision armor ability, makes your radar icon show up as a red outline rather than a big red icon, and you make less noise while sprinting.
  • Pioneer: Gives the player extra experience points for everything they do.
  • Engineer: Gives the player early notification of weapon drops allowing you a head start when trying to claim them.
  • Tracker: Gives the player the ability to re-roll drop contents.
  • Rogue: Reduces scope wobble while using scoped weapons.
  • Stalker: Creates a nemesis icon on the last person who killed you, allowing you to hunt them down for revenge.
  • Pathfinder: Gives you reduced cooldowns on vehicle weapons and allows for easier carrying of emplaced guns.
  • Operator: Gives your vehicles extra resistance against EMP’s and makes vehicle health recharge more quickly.

These specializations remind me way to much of CoD’s perk system but some of them definitely sound interesting, especially the Stalker one. I’m always a fan of hunting down the last person who killed me as a personal vendetta.

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  1. 420Blazer

    I couldn’t care less about halo. So sick of FPS games.

  2. Loredo84

    ^ I’m sick of plot-less FPS games. But I agree – Halo is done.

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