Feb 16 2012

Review: Gotham City Impostors

This game isn’t going to re-invent the FPS wheel. There are so many FPS games out right now, there is very little that sets them apart. Since COD 4 popularized the role-playing engine that added ranking and unlocks, every other game has seemed to just copy that over and over and over, even COD itself is a clone of every game since. It all the same..

So here comes a game that is a bit wacky, it has funny one-liners to taunt enemies after you kill them, and lets you jump around with beach balls attached to your shoes, wear garbage lids as armour, and become invisible. It’s kinda like Looney Tunes meets COD. If you want a game that isn’t too serious, but kinda like COD, then this is right up your crime alley.

There is a fair amount of unlocks (guns, support, mods, costume pieces), however there are only 5 maps, and pretty much you will only be playing Team Deathmatch; A LOT. I found myself waiting in the match making lobby quite often for all game modes, except TDM, but even then it was not without it’s wait times, and drop outs. If you want to wait to try and play the other variations, that’s your prerogative, but they won’t ‘wow’ you. (don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.) It is not all bad news, there are promises of free DLC, and fixes that can make this game far better then it is right now. Remember it only costs $15, it’s not like you paid $69.99 for it, so remember that when your comparing it to other first person shooters.

There is just something satisfying about skating around the map on roller sakes, a rifle, underwear, sexy leggings and a chipmunk voice popping people in the face. (I chose the nimble body type, which happens to be a female, so why not, don’t judge me!) Honestly, it’s a good way to kill 30 minutes when you got nothing else to do. It’s bright and colourful, the tutorials/cue-card diagrams remind me of fallout, but over all it has a great sense of humour. I’ll admit, I gave a little chuckle here and there.

For those interested, there are micro-transactions involved in the game. From having pets following you around, to exclusive calling cards and even the ability to buy double exp for an hour. This to me seems kinda crazy, but hey, if it can make you some extra money then i say go for it. I have already seen people with these exclusive purchase only items, so i guess it’s working.

Like i mentioned, you are not going to get anything new here, but if you want some wacky fun to kill time, then this game is a lot of fun. I had a great time playing around with weapons, throwing boomerangs, shuriken, and hatchets at peoples faces. With the promise of more content to come, this game can grow a little more and add to it’s entertainment factor. I will definitely keep playing it for a little while longer.


That’s Yo rollerblading underwear modeling Garbage!

If you missed the first impressions, or want to see actual game play you can watch the video below:

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