Aug 01 2012

Google Nexus Q delayed indefinitely

Google has recently delayed the Nexus Q and removed the ability to pre-order the product from the Google Play  store.  Google’s reasoning behind the delay is that they want to make the product “even better” but people who have already pre-ordered the device will be getting free Dev units of the device which are said to be sent out soon.

I’m honestly not really surprised by this news at all. The Nexus Q was a cool idea but its requirement of another android device to control it as well as it being locked down to Google Play’s ecosystem definitely  didn’t do it any favors.  That and I don’t really see why anyone would pay $ 299 for the device when you could get an Apple TV, Roku, or even a Google TV which provide similar features for a much cheaper price.

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  1. Carlos

    This is not especially surprising. The damn thing was an overpriced paperweight with the features they had announced. I could get an apple TV and an iPod touch and do more with those two than the Q and an Android phone.

  2. Phail

    Something tells me your going to see allot of those dev units on eBay for cheap soon.

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