Mar 21 2012

Games Workshop Cancels Ard Boyz and Doesn’t Even Bother to Announce It

Games Workshop

Games Workshop: The Pinnacle of Seething Contempt for your Customers

Via this at wargaming forum Dakka Dakka G and I discovered this morning that Games Workshop has cancelled their North American tournament series Ard Boyz for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k, without even having the decency to bother officially announce it.

The is just the final insult in a tournament series seemingly designed purely to show contempt for the hobby as a whole.

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To begin with the Ard Boyz tournament series was designed primarily as a sales gimmick by Games Workshop U.S. division with higher points limits than normal (3000 for Fantasy and 2500 for 40k) and with a complete lack of a painting requirement as a method to encourage players to buy additional models for their armies (that they wouldn’t even have to bother painting) that they would likely only get to use at Ard Boyz.

Combine that with the hilariously badly written scenarios they created every year, many of which contained obvious typos that no one bothered to fix before Games Workshop sent them out, the virtually complete lack of effort put into even trying to ensure that the local qualifiers were run by people who knew what they were doing and would create a fun experience for the gamers participating, and you had a tournament series which even the supposed competitive gamers that the whole battle-points-only scoring ethos was in theory supposed to cater to considered an absolute joke.

(Note I say this as one of those competitive gamers that Ard Boyz was supposed to appeal to, and I went to one of the qualifiers a couple of years ago. To be honest I found it incredibly disorganized, and the tournament scenarios were basically laughable).

Now comes the final insult of cancelling the event without even bothering to announce it. Hell the only reason G and I found out about this is from stumbling across a thread on a wargaming forum where a independent wargaming store owner basically had to hound GW for months until they finally gave him an answer on what was going on.

None of this should really come as any surprise to people interested in wargames who don’t have GW fanboy blinders on, of course, as virtually no company in this industry has treated their customers with more disdain than GW.

To anyone inclined to doubt that statement, I’ll just point out that with the launch of their “Finecast” model line GW replaced all of their metal miniatures (which they claimed to have been raising the price of repeatedly due to increasing metals costs) with resin (which is much cheaper), raised the price again and demonstrated a level of quality control that would embarrass an internet scammer (as seen here where this poor bastard couldn’t get an acceptable casting of a model he wanted after eight attempts).

To be honest, I have a lot more to say about Games Workshops incredibly contemptuous treatment of its customers, but I’ll take that up another time.

That’s Yo “Stellar Customer Service” Garbage!


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