Jan 29 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 HBO Teaser “Shadow”

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  1. G

    I wonder if they pay the kid playing Joffery hazard pay for being the most hated character in the world….

  2. Walloll

    Joffery definitely needs to be killed, i really really hate him as a character!! I love this series… it actually makes me want to read to find out what happens.

    I might give in after this season :)

  3. G

    Season 1 was enough to make me pick up the books… Basically for the same reasons as you already stated. Sadly after reading all the books there is no shortage of characters who need to meet the pointy end of a bastard sword…

  4. Schardein Stavros

    I will be following your RSS feed to keep up to date with imminent posts. keep it up.

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