May 23 2012

Game of Thrones – Facebook Social Game

Yup you read that title correctly, The Hollywood Reporter, has reported (nice) that Disruptor Beam is developing a Facebook game based on HBO’s A Game of Thrones series. The new social game will be titled Game of Thrones Ascent, and players will lead the life of a noble during this time of convulsion.

Our game is and will be the only game based on the series to appear on Facebook and therefore will rely heavily on the social functionality of the platform in addition to a strong storytelling element as key drivers of gameplay,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam

Players will be able to swear allegiance to which ever great house they choose, develop lands, personal reputation, and even assign sworn swords to do quests for them. As a noble you will be faced with many of the political, military and economic decisions that take place in the show.

Disruptor Beam is working very closely with George R.R. Martin,” said Radoff. “In fact, our relationship with George was a pre-cursor to the partnership with HBO. After meeting with him initially, he fell in love with the concept of bringing the story and characters from the books and show to fans in a whole new way. As we move forward in the game’s development, we will continue to work directly with him to ensure that we are delivering an authentic experience that is in line with his vision for the world of Westeros.”

Apparently the relationship between characters will be important. The team at Disruptor Beam has taken the story of Game of Thrones to heart. Thus, players will rely on others to make certain moral and plot decisions that will impact other players and the game on a broader scale.

“Many existing social games rely heavily on often repetitive actions that involve push messages to a players list of friends,” said Radoff. “With Game of Thrones Ascent, we will be taking players a step further by leveraging the social aspect of Facebook as a means of true collaboration between players.” “There are ample opportunities with dialog and interactive, multiplayer storytelling that are only possible when you connect gameplay to a social graph,” said Radoff. “Some people think social games often mean superficial, emotionless gameplay. But, if we do our job right, we’ll be proving that not only is there a way to build a new type of social game, but it’s a whole new way to play games with your friends.”

Overall, I do not have too much faith in this game being amazing, because some how these social games always end up being micro-transaction money grabs. Will I give it a chance? Sure, but that’s only because I am intrigued by how Disruptor Beam says they are going to make the a ‘new type of social game’.

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    Hmmm. I will be a fan of this game soon. I like fb games…

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