Mar 29 2012

Forgeworld Releases the Storm Eagle

Well the day has finally come. While I have not bought anything from GW in years I can appreciate a beautiful model regardless of the source. Today Forgeworld released a single picture of the new Storm Eagle. The model is beautiful and as it is Forgeworld will probably cost as much as a kidney. Picture after the jump!

The Storm Eagle... makes the Storm Raven look even worse... such a bad model.

For the uninitiated the Storm Eagle is what the Space Marines flew around in before the Thunderhawk replaced it. Some of the ships were still in use during the Great Crusade so all those pre-heresy nut-jobs will be going absolutely nuts for this. Frankly I’m surprised to see that it took this long for them to make a model. I will give them this though; its a beautiful model, and if it wasnt going to cost a crap ton I’d probably use it as an AT-43 dropship proxy… ah well.

That’s Yo “Obsolete but still badass!” Garbage!

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