May 10 2012

Firestorm Armada: Updated Rulebook and New Ships

Spartan Games this week announced the release of an updated core rulebook and additional ships for the RSN for their skirmish scale space-combat wargame Firestorm Armada.

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The updated rulebook is a hardcover with beautiful cover illustration and includes, “A complete list of stats, background stories, imagery… The Hardback Edition Master Rulebook has everything! This updated edition features the established core rules presented in a clear and concise fashion. It includes the latest errata and streamlined rules for Game Set-up, Terrain, Boarding and Wings. The opportunity has also been taken to include new photography, diagrams and illustrations throughout the book, complete with Fleet Lists for each nation and the current Firestorm Armada MARs; the perfect way to begin your campaign of terror in the Storm Zone!”

It is available for pre-order now on Spartan Games online store with a release date of July 4th.

In addition, Spartan Games has also announced the release of several new ship models for the Rense System Navy (RSN), one of the members of the Zenian League alliance. These include the Cerberus Class Heavy Cruiser, Spectre Class Battleship, Argus Class Carrier, and Spook Class Cruisers as pictured below from left to right:

New RSN Ships

New RSN Ships

These ships fill out the RSN ship line, which already included Siren Class Escorts, Bulwark Class Frigates, Phoenix Class Destroyers and the Bashee Class Dreadnought.

With the addition of the new ships for the RSN, this turns them into a complete faction with ships in virtually every size class, allowing the formation of a complete RSN fleet for play. The new RSN ships are also available for pre-order here with a release date of July 4th.

As anyone who has been following us here at TYG knows, we’re big fans of Firestorm Armada and I will definitely be pre-ordering the updated rulebook. G has even called dibs on building an RSN fleet as his second FA fleet.

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