Jun 18 2012

Firestorm Armada New Releases

Firestorm ArmadaSpartan Games has revealed some new models for Firestorm Armada. Click the jump to check out the images and read my thoughts. 

 The two ships above belong to the new mercenary-like faction called the Oroshan Imperium. So far from what I’ve seen of this faction their ships don’t really appeal to me. As a Terran player  I like my ships to look less flashy but carry lots of torpedoes, to that end the battleship does very little for me. The frigates on the other hand are much smaller than any of the other faction frigates yet,. and I find that I like the design. I’m not sure why they are so small though.

Next we have the Dindrenzi and Terran MKII carriers. I have to say I feel let down by these two ships. The Dindrenzi ship looks exactly like the previous model, just with softer lines and a more bulked out hull. It just doesn’t stand out compared to the MKI Carrier. As for the Terran Model… I outright dislike it. Such a weird design. It’s too bulky and ugly for my tastes and I think I’ll be staying with the MKI.

Overall I feel this months releases are a bit weak which is sad considering how much Lorenzo and I were looking forward to new models for our fleets.

That’s Yo “At Least I Have Dropzone Commander to Take My Money!” Garbage!

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