Sep 28 2012

FIFA 13 on the Wii is just a re-branded copy of FIFA 12

Now I know what you are thinking from reading that headline, “sure EA always releases a new sports game every year with barely any changes” but let me assure you that this digs way deeper than that.  Chris Scullion over at Nintendo-Gamer has discovered that FIFA 13 on the Wii and FIFA soccer on PSVita are basically carbon copies of the Wii version of FIFA 12.

Apparently everything in the game except for some minor art changes on the title screen and the team rosters are Identical to the previous game.

I would say I am surprised but considering everything EA has been doing over the past few years it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Sure back in the 90’s their sports games were only slightly different every year but at least they took the time to change the damn UI every year. The fact that they think they can spend a couple of hours updating some names on a roster list and expect people to buy in at $49.99 is just downright insulting.  Especially when you consider that anyone with Photoshop and a few hours to kill could have done it themselves.

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