Sep 18 2012

Fan site uncovers 30 Minutes of Twelve Tales: Conker 64

A Rare fan site recently unearthed 30 minutes of gameplay of Twelve Tales: Conker 64.  This game would eventually be reworked into Conkers Bad Fur Day for the N64 and as you can see from the video above they certainly ended up changing it a lot.

Kinda freaky to finally see how the game was originally.  I remember looking at screenshots of this game as a kid and wondered if it would be as good as Banjo Kazooie. Ironically I never ended up getting Conkers Bad Fur day or its remake on the Xbox due to me moving on to PC games at the time of its release but I can imagine it was for the best that Rare changed things up.  Especially when you consider that there was no shortage of cutesy 3D platform games on the N64.

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