Sep 01 2012

Fan Expo 2012: Walking Dead Panel with Jon Bernthal & Norman Reedus

This panel begins with Jon discussing how drawn he was to the role of Shane when he initially read the script for The Walking Dead, and shares his insights on several aspects of the series.

Jon also discusses his role in Frank Darabont’s new television project “L.A. Noir” as well as Martin Scorsese’s new film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Norman Reedus, meanwhile, finally arrived for the panel about 20 minutes into it and shares his thoughts on playing a character that wasn’t in the comics, Daryl’s character development in the absence of his abusive brother Merle, and the potential for conflict if and when they will be re-united.

Norman also relates his complete lack of formal acting schooling and humorously claims that his acting career started because he got drunk at a party and began yelling at everyone.

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