Aug 28 2012

Fan Expo 2012: From Gaming Enthusiast To Gaming PR with Jay Acevedo of Ubisoft Canada

Jay Acevedo, PR Manager for Ubisoft Canada, hosts a panel titled “Why Not? From Gaming Enthusiast to Gaming PR” at Fan Expo 2012.

In his panel, Jay discusses his transition from a Gaming Enthusiast writing about videogames for blogs as a hobby, to becoming PR Manager for Ubisoft Canada. He emphasizes the importance of dedication and originality as central themes in distinguishing oneself as an up and coming videogame blogger, writer, podcaster or Youtube video maker from the many others out there pursuing similar projects.

Jay also took a variety of questions from the audience on a wide range of topics and ended his panel with a little trivia contest for some giveaways.

All in all the panel was very educational for anyone interested in breaking into the videogame industry as an amateur journalist (like us, for example).

Please Note: Some footage of off-topic questions was edited out of my footage, and there is an interruption in one of Jay’s answers because like the rank amateur I am, I was forced to swap batteries in the middle of one of his answers.

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