Apr 04 2012

EA voted worst company in america but do they really deserve it?

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to check up on the Consumerist’s Worst Company in America 2012 “award” to find that EA has been chosen by the people for the aforementioned great dishonor. Now let’s think about this for a minute here, I’m no fan of EA myself but are they really the worst company in America now?

When looking at the original nominees for the “award” I can see multiple businesses that are guilty of much worse offenses than what EA has ever done recently. Bank of America for instance is a company that constantly forecloses on people’s homes, jacks up people’s credit card interest rates for little to no reason, and has been constantly raising bank fee’s to its customers. If there was a company that I had to choose for the title of worst in America they would definitely be close to top billing along with other companies like Bell Canada, whose practices include charging people for their internet connections twice and having people wait on hold for more than 4 hours for support only to be hung up on (both of these are personal experiences).

So when it comes down to it I really don’t think they deserve the title as worst company in America but it does bring to light something that EA should really consider: they have royally pissed off their customer base and need to work on repairing that relationship.

EA has basically been everybody’s whipping boy when it comes to bad business practices in the games industry this year and honestly I can’t really fault most people being displeased with them. They are one of the original champions of the online pass system, they have been forcing PC users to adopt origin against their will to play some of their favorite franchises, they have constantly shut down servers for games even those that have used the online pass system, and they bypass all the infrastructure of Xbox Live and PSN just so players have the “privilege” of supplying them with their e-mail addresses.

All of these things in the large scheme of things are admittedly quite trivial but people are angry at them all the same and EA would be smart to not ignore what the consumers have been thinking of them recently.  EA needs to take a step back as a company and realize that they are not god’s gift to the game industry and that they are in fact pissing off their customers.

That being said the people of America need to take a step back as well. We live in times where most of us are to busy worrying about being inconvenienced rather than doing what’s better for society as a whole. I’m not saying you should not be annoyed at what EA has been doing. Hell I have been quite vocal about my distaste for EA’s practices for a while now but in all honesty people there are more important things in life than video games and we need to remember that as a society.

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  1. Lorenzo

    While I agree with you that, in the grand scheme of things, EA’s idiocy is child’s play compared to the truly despicable behaviour of many other American companies, this shouldn’t really surprise you that much.

    What you have here is a combination of self-selection bias (gamers are probably more likely to vote in online polls than the general public) and the in-your-face obviousness of EA’s idiocy versus the much more difficult to understand evils of Bank of America.

    Of course, I would recommend that anyone reading this educate themselves on the topic of foreclosure and securitization fraud. Once you understand just *what* the large American banks were up to you may realize that it represents the largest and most outrageous era of financial criminality in human history.

    One that remains entirely *un-prosecuted* I might add…

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