Oct 15 2012

EA Blunders with Origin Coupon Codes

I’m almost positive somebody at EA’s Origin division is having a real bad day today thanks to a mishap that allowed user’s of EA’s Origin service to score a bunch of free games this weekend.  The issue stemmed from an online survey that offered a $20 credit on your origin account upon completion; however, this coupon code did not expire on redemption and could be redeemed again by logging off and then re-logging back into the Origin store.

Once this news spread on the major social networks it became somewhat of a wildfire spreading throughout the internet with friends sharing their codes and downloading multiple games off Origin. EA has since ended the promotion and has stated that it will honour the discount offer to those who have used it this weekend.

This news came as quite a shock to me but perhaps not for the reason you may think.  The idea that EA could make a mistake this colossal does not surprise me at all; however, the fact that they did not just outright ban the accounts of people who abused this coupon does shock me. Good on EA I guess.

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