Apr 09 2012

Dust Warfare Video Released!

Finally FFG has gotten around to leaking a bit more info about their new war-game set in the Dust Universe. I mention my love of Dust Tactics in the Board-games section here. And Dust Warfare ups the scale of the battles you can fight to a more war-game like level. Thankfully you don’t need to listen to me go on about how awesome this is as FFG released a video which basically drives that point home. Video and my thoughts after the jump!

Honestly I love this. Making a hit board-game that plays really well and then giving the players and the fans the chance to expand to bigger games and truly use all their models. This is the kind of game design I love. Dust Warfare looks like it will be a hit when it goes live and its something I may have to consider investing in for War-Game Wednesday.

That’s Yo “Bigger Is Always Better” Garbage!

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