Apr 18 2012

Dust Warfare Core Rulebook Released!

Dust Warfare

Dust Warfare Core Rulebook Released! (Image © Fantasy Flight Games)

Hot on the heels of my complaining in Episode 21 of the That’s Yo Garbage Podcast (up later this week) about Fantasy Flight Games’ policy of not announcing release dates in advance, today FFG announced the release of the Core Rulebook for Dust Warfare.

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For those who have missed us talking about it, Dust Warfare is the new wargame expansion to FFG’s existing wargame/boardgame hybrid called Dust Tactics. You can read a little bit about the world of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare in this earlier announcement of the upcoming release of the game or at the Dust Warfare section of FFG’s site.

You can order your copy right now from FFG’s Online Store or check in with your favorite wargame retailer to see when they’ll have copies in stock.

That’s Yo “Rush-Shipping GO” Garbage!

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