Aug 20 2012

Dragon Age 3 info leaked

Some survey data regarding Dragon Age 3 has recently been leaked on the BioWare social forums. The survey data revealed some details on the game’s story, the inclusion of online co-op, the design of the game’s logo, and some character concept art.

If these leaks turn out to be true then we now know that the games has players taking on the role of an “Inquisitor: in Orlais during a civil war.  The game will also feature a conflict between the Templar who have broken away from the Chantry and the Mages who have decided to rebel due to the Templar’s increased aggression towards them.

It sounds pretty interesting to me but after playing Dragon Age 2 I am not so sure I really care about the series anymore.  Hopefully they can prove me wrong though.

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    Sounds a lot like skyrim

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