Oct 10 2012

Double Fine announces October Deals for all of its games

Double Fine has announced today that all of their games will be going on sale for the month of October. The best part is that the deals spread between multiple vendors, so if you prefer to buy your games on Steam or XBLA then Double Fine has you covered.

I would highly recommend picking up Costume Quest and Psychonaughts but let’s be honest.  Pretty much all these games are a great buy at a discounted price. Hit the jump for a full list of whats on sale.

Costume Quest:
– Steam, inc. Grubbins on Ice (50% off)
– Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
– Grubbins on Ice, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Brütal Legend:
– Xbox 360, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
– Xbox 360 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)
– PS3, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
– PS3 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)

– Steam (50% off)
– Mac App Store (50% off)
– Original Soundtrack, Steam (50% off)
– Original Score, Steam (50% off)

– Steam, inc. The Lost Hobo King (50% off)
– Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
– The Lost Hobo King, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Iron Brigade:
– Steam, inc. Rise of the Martian Bear (33% off)
– Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
– Rise of the Martian Bear, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Double Fine Happy Action Theater:
– Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Once Upon a Monster:
– Amazon (15% off)

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