Jul 19 2012

Blizzard promises more end game content for Diablo 3

It’s been no secret that Diablo 3 has had trouble keeping players entertained. The lack of endgame content has been quite the hot topic in the Diablo 3 community and even blizzard themselves had admitted that they did not do good enough to provide players with things to do. Luckily Blizzard seems willing to talk about the subject as a Blizzard community manager recently posted an open letter to the Diablo 3 community to address some of the issues the game has been facing since its release.  In it Blizzard promises a few things like more useful Legendary equipment, improved skill balancing, UI upgrades and PVP arenas.  More importantly Blizzard also stated that they are working “on a new gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high powered characters new goals to drive for as an alternative to the item hunt”. No specifics of these new systems were given but they did say that they were actively taking players feedback into consideration over the issue.

Hopefully these new gameplay systems come soon because I have been incredibly bored with Diablo 3 ever since I reached the max level.

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  1. Dunex

    I will believe it when I see it. I have been incredibly bored with the game for a few weeks now. Just not enough to do and grinding for items is pointless.

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